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A Unique and Effective Approach

Airdrie Performance Massage: Advanced manual therapy 

RAPID Neurofascial Reset Massage

The Path to Becoming Pain Free

   A revolutionary new soft tissue mobilization technique that engages the nervous system and uses proper movement patterns to free restrictions in the body that cause pain, injury and dysfunction. This system goes far beyond just addressing sore muscles. It targets tendons, ligaments, nerves and scar tissue. By eliminating these restrictions clients report a dramatic reduction in pain along with increased mobility and overall body function. This is a fast acting method that typically combats pain fast!


Leg Injury

Traditional Massage Therapy

Customized Treatments

  Including deep tissue, relaxation, therapeutic/medical and sports massage. Using fluid motion and a multitude of traditional techniques to help reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow as well as promote relaxation and stress reduction.



How to book

Book Online

This link will take you to our new online booking site.


Please Call or Text 403-860-1062. *Please note that we do not have a receptionist and are a therapist run clinic. Please leave a message or send a text and we will return your call as soon as possible.*



Click on the link below to contact us by email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Monday            8:00-9:00

Tuesday            8:00-9:00

Wednesday      8:00-9:00

Thursday           8:00-9:00

Friday                8:00-9:00

Saturday           8:00-7:00

Sunday             9:00-7:00

Find Us At 128 Main Street North , Airdrie, AB T4B 0R3, Canada

(403) 860-1062

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